This nature-based therapy can truly change your life!

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Romani Folklore Therapy: an ancient craft that is nature-based: a most natural therapeutic activity that unlocks the world of the "zee" (the mind, heart and soul).

Romani Folklore Therapy complements other therapies because it is essentially a natural science of the mind. There are hidden gems inside us, that which we call image-prompts. These images are thoughts, sensations, feelings and memories retained by experience.

While these images appear to simply float about in our minds, they are actually rich stores of current and past knowledge that provide answers to emotional difficulties and conflicts as well as unlocking the mysteries of life and guidance for our personal paths. It is because these images are indigenous to our human consciousness that we can call upon them for therapeutic purposes.

Just as we benefit from nourishing food, we benefit also from nourishing images when we use them in a natural way. Then healing can truly begin, freeing us up from restrictions, bringing us a new relationship with ourselves.

Your Experience Counts

Yes, your experience counts. You owe it to yourself to unlock the door to the real you. It's normal to have trouble dealing with life's problems. The difficulties this form of therapy is especially good at helping are:

  • anxiety, depression and difficulties caused by toxic relationships
  • emotional & mental blockages, emptiness, difficulty finding your role in life
  • narcissistic abuse
  • psychic attack (this is literally any attack on your sense of wellbeing)
  • a runaway mind (racing thoughts) or sluggish mind (sense of lethargy)

There are no mental, emotional or spiritual difficulties too challenging for this form of therapy. Any personal/social problem can be helped. It works with other therapies; it works with any prescribed medication. Patrick Jasper Lee has been helping people from across the world and all walks of life for many years.

Let's open the door to who you are. Please note that any work undertaken with Patrick Jasper Lee is strictly confidential. Contact Me.

Patrick Jasper Lee

Patrick Jasper Lee is an author and songwriter, best known for his first book: We Borrow the Earth: An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Folk Tradition and Culture. As a 'chovihano' (medicine man) he has travelled the world with his Romani Gypsy culture. He is plain-speaking and encourages a realistic approach in all his healing work. He is an original voice on the folkloric and mythical aspects of a culture that has suffered extreme persecution over hundreds of years. Find his books here.

His workshops and courses provide an education on many aspects of ancient culture, including spirit-travelling, the otherworld, folklore, myth & issues around self-belief.

Jasper is experienced in all forms of conscious dreaming and otherworld excursions, meaning that each person is safe when in his care. He created the Butsi session from traditional approaches to using the creative and otherworldly mind for resolving problems. His books, music and educational videos are recommended as a means of furthering an education for anyone wishing to learn more.

Find Patrick Jasper Lee's author website here.

Introducing Romani Folklore Therapy with Patrick Jasper Lee

This video gives an introduction to the health benefits of using Romani Folklore as a therapy. By developing a folkloric way of thinking we can realign ourselves with a more natural way of relating to ourselves, each other and the rest of the world.

The Earth also benefits from humans who think in this way because they do not move away from what is natural quite so easily.

Talks and Workshops are being held on the subject. Check the Workshops page for details.

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